Go From Confused About What to Say to Getting the Skills You Need to Turn the ‘Secret’ Events in Your Life into Powerful Stories that You Confidently Share.

All While Relaxing into the Support of a Community that is Awakening to its Full Potential.

Express Yourself, Speak Your Truth, Present Your Talent, Make an Impact, Grow Your Influence & Monetize Your Message on Video, Podcasts & Stage

is for
Speakers, Healers, Entrepreneurs & Performers with a HERO Story to Share to Help People

Feeling unsure of which story to share boldly in your marketing?

Confused as to how to craft your story to be compelling while being on Brand?

Wondering how you can present your story with enough confidence to stand out and be memorable to your ideal clients so they hire you?

Are you afraid to show up online, do videos and tell your story because you don’t like how you look, or the sound of your own voice?

Maybe you don’t believe in yourself or think what you have to say is important?

Maybe when you were growing up you weren’t listened to and/or felt it was safer to be silent?

That was my story.

And a lot of my clients

Maybe you are afraid of rejection or being judged?

Judgment online ( well everywhere) is a real thing 

is a Healing, Spiritual & Creative Sacred Space

You’ll be supported & nourished as you discover how to tell your story everywhere- like the BOSS you are ….with my mentorship.

I’ve helped over 15O+ unique humans ( solopreneurs, healers, coaches, consultants, actors, singers, authors and people with a big story to tell) turn their life events into captivating Ted style talks and one person shows

I witnessed them take their power back, & the impact they made on their audiences using my SOUL Story Method in the events I produced.

I learned a little something having come from feeling so damaged about my personal story ( my father killed my mom and married her sister),

I overcame my depression through forgiveness, setting healthy boundaries and telling my story. I dove into the characters of my life in a one-woman show, then shared my story in my Keynotes, as a workshop facilitator and in the media.

I transcended my biggest loss by using it as fuel to turn my pain into my power – and once healed – I used it in service to my business.

Sharing My Message that was Locked inside my Story Is my Gift to Humanity

If this is your calling too…
I invite you into my community. It will be my honor to help you on this journey

Discover the 5 Pillars of my SOUL Story Method.

Find the Right Story.
Heal from Your Story.
Craft Your Story like a Pro.

Present Your Story Confidently
Share Your Story for Profit.

It all started with following my Soul’s calling to witness what I’d been through on the pages of my journal.

I wasted years of writing stories that weren’t THE story and I wasn't Captivating sharing it personally or professionally because I didn't know how much to share to be effective (so I under-shared or over-shared) I did NOT have the right coach to guide me …

I took a circuitous route- (years of studying with various teachers, taking many programs, hiring multiple directors) before I finally claimed the stage successfully.

Most of my clients have thought about telling their stories on average 7 years (and often have studied with other mentors) by the time they find me.
Within months of working with me they are sharing their story on stages unapologetically confidently filming their first live streams and video interviews.

PLUS we’ll be going into the Art of Selling Using Your Story while being True to Yourself.
On Podcasts
On Social Media

I’ve told my story on stages (promo photo from my one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet to the left) in 4 countries and 10 states, for over 12,000 people

For audiences I care about:

Domestic Violence Conferences, Women Prisoners, Youth- at- Risk, at Theatres, for the US military and more…

will help you discover:

How to Turn Your Pain into Your Purpose.

How to Share Your Story in Service to Your Business

How to Make a Bigger Impact

The Lounge is about…

Self- Love, Self-Forgiveness, Creativity, Authenticity & Courage.
It’s a place to feel nourished & connected.

Are you ready to play all out?

There are two options to JOIN the LOUNGE

Annual Plan- General Admissions Level 2 Months FREE 

Monthly Payments- General Admissions Level 







When you join the LOUNGE you won't be alone anymore (in this crazy world) I LOVE creating SACRED Spaces!

The SOUL STORY LOUNGE is a Place to Play, Be Seen, Heard, Supported, and Get Coaching Customized to You on Our Calls

PLUS we have a Virtual Rehearsal Space so you can to practice

Be a BEGINNER so you can BECOME a PRO

Or go from PRO to Star

All levels welcome


You’ll get the techniques & exercises I’ve been teaching my life coaching clients and in my workshops since 2005.

They are the same techniques I learned during my Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology that allowed me to forgive my father for killing my mom and feel joy and fall in love again and most importantly- learn to trust myself.

I know how tender our stories can be – HEALING is foundational to this program

  • I  am the recipient of the Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project


as a FOUNDING member & LOCK in the Founders Rate Forever.


Two Mastermind Calls/ month-
*A. 1:1 coaching in a group setting * B.Guest Expert Training

Content Gallery  videos,  PDFs, workbooks, cheat- sheets, and more on the 5 PILLARS of the SOUL Story Method.


Facebook Groups Growth
Organic Facebook Growth
Short Form Video (Doing Reels)
Tik Tok Setup
The Art of Improvisation
How to Find Your Story
Authentic and Confident on Video
The Difference between Speaking and Acting
How to Use Human Design in Your Business
How to Feel Confortable Selling
Love Your Face (Makeup and Self-Acceptance Training)
How to Book a TedTalk and Get Cast in a Film in an Unconventional Way (Follow Your Guidance)

Private Communication Channel to ask your questions, check in and share daily

SUPPORTIVE Rehearsal Space in Group to Practice Live Streaming

Opportunity to share your story in our quarterly Open Mics

Imagine what it would feel like to...

Get paid for telling your story

Be confident pitching yourself for interviews & Summits 

Deliver unforgettable talks consistently 

Get network news coverage for FREE because of what a powerful storyteller you are and what a contribution you are to the world.

Make more of an impact because of your authentic sharing

2 Options to get into

A. One Annual Payment (Pay for 10 months & get 2 months FREE! PLUS get Brenda's On-Demand Masterclass: Confidence on Video)

B. 12 Convenient Monthly Payments

BONUS Option 3: ADD-On 1:1 PRIVATE VIP ACCESS to Brenda. As a FOUNDING MEMBER of the SOUL Story Lounge I’m opening up 5 SPOTS for VIPs at a Special FOUNDING MEMBER RATE! (This is designed for a QUICK WIN)

In the Front Row Seat VIP level you are invited Backstage. Get everything in the GENERAL ADMISSION level PLUS

One PRIVATE thirty minute ZOOM call/month with Brenda for 6 months (Additional $900 value)

Brenda’s feedback on your presentations guarantee that you won’t repeat things that don’t work. You’ll become a better presenter quickly.

What's Included in

 2 Group Zoom Calls/ month

A. *Live Q&A every month where you get 1:1 coaching with Brenda in a group setting

B.*Guest Expert Training to help you with marketing, repurposing your content, branding, FB groups and more

All calls will be recorded and put into the content library.


Content Gallery with PDFs, videos, workbooks, cheat-sheets and more on the 5 PILLARS of the SOUL Story Method. 

Community where you get all your questions answered, plus network and collaborate with other storytellers and entrepreneurs, experts and creatives


Ample opportunity to rehearse in our ‘backstage’


Opportunities to tell your story in Brenda’s Open Mics
before an invited audience so you become confident when the stakes are high so you can say YES to all new opportunities

FREE BONUS when you pay annually!

When you join the The SOUL Story Lounge, everyone will  get instant access to Brenda’s 60-minute On-Demand Confidence on Video  Masterclass  where you’ll discover how to look your absolute best on camera ($197 value)



A. General Admission Basic Level is $47/month 

You stay at the rate you start with!

B. Annual Plan Only $470 (Get 2 months FREE!)

PLUS instant access to Brenda’s 60-minute On-Demand Confidence on Video  Masterclass  where you’ll discover how to look your absolute best on camera ($197 value)

C.  VIP ACCESS to Brenda

Includes 6 months in the SOUL Story Lounge, everything in the General Admission level ($300) 

PLUS instant access to Brenda’s 60-minute On-Demand Confidence on Video  Masterclass ($197 Value) 

PLUS 6 one-one coaching calls with Brenda  ($900 value)

Total Value is $1400!

Get it for only $877!